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Advantages Of Using Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Because of the increased stress in our day to day lives many times people experience stiffness, tension, or sustained injury to their muscles, tendons, and ligaments, these form a band of severe rigid tissues called adhesions or knots.

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While most adhesions are quite minor, acute cases can block circulation, limit movement, and flexibility, and be awfully painful. Often, the only way to treat these adhesions is through massage treatments at the massage spa-like

The massage therapy that is used to realign the deeper layers of the muscles and connective tissues treating more rooted issues in the muscles and ligaments, and allows treatments to be more vigorous, successful and long-lasting is the deep tissue therapy massage. Deep tissue massage has several therapeutic effects and can be used to treat many different conditions.

Following mentioned are the list of benefits of using this kind of massage therapy:

  • Reduces chronic pain – It is very beneficial to treat chronic pain affecting the neck, shoulders, legs and upper and lower back.
  • Improves blood Pressure – Deep tissue massage helps ease stress and tension, which can have a beneficial effect on blood pressure. It can be used as part of a holistic approach to treat hypertension.
  • Breaks up scar tissue – When a person is injured or has a surgery, bands of painful, scarred tissues sometimes form. A massage therapist will apply pressure that will help to break up these bands and realign tissue fibers.

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  • Improving Flexibility – By working on muscles, connective tissues, tendons, ligaments, and joints, regular massage can improve your flexibility and range of motion, keeping your joints more fluid and making them less injury prone.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety – This massage therapy can cause an increase in the production of oxytocin which creates positive emotions. It also causes lower levels of cortisol which is the stress hormone.

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