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All You Need To Know About The LANAP Procedure

Are you suffering from periodontitis? You know healthy teeth is the must requirement for a good personality.

It is advisable to visit the dentist twice a year to maintain the health of your gums and teeth. You need to take care of your oral hygiene to make your teeth shine like a pearl.

Manhassetdentalarts - LANAP Procedure

If you are suffering from gum problem you can visit the dentist in Manhasset to get professional help. If you are suffering from periodontitis, then your gum needs proper treatment.

Are you aware of the LANAP procedure? This is the laser surgery which is an advancement in the traditional surgery procedure which involves sutures and a lot of pain.

Periodontitis involves inflammation in the gums and it is one of the most common dental problems.

If you are suffering from this you can consult with North Shore dentists, for your treatment. You will be treated under the guidance of professionals.

Manhassetdentalarts - LANAP Procedures

What is LANAP procedure?

LANAP means Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure, is the latest technology to treat the gum recession and inflammation problems.

X-rays: Firstly your dentist will take a number of X-rays to identify the depth of the hole and infection.

Procedure: In the LANAP procedure, laser light is inserted in the depth of the infected pocket of gums. This effective laser light the infected area in the teeth roots.

When the infected area is cleaned then this laser light seals the gum. There is no need for the sutures.

Post LANAP: You have to visit your dentist for the routine follow up.

If you want to know more about the LANAP procedure click over here.

Manhassetdentalarts- LANAP Procedure

Why choose LANAP?

If you are aware of the traditional surgery procedure then you know how painful is to deal with the stitches. There are a number of benefits of choosing the LANAP procedure:

  • Need less time
  • Less painful
  • Fast recovery
  • No stitches

LANAP procedure is far more convenient than traditional gum surgery. You need to find the best dentist for this procedure.