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Amazing Benefits Of Cold Water Therapy For Fat Loss, Detox And Recovery

For centuries, we have heard about the weird but effective therapies to heal the human body. Here with the word ‘weird’ I want to say that the therapies used to be weird but their effects used to last longer.

In this article, I would like to tell you about the benefits of “cold-water therapy” today, which is being used for decades in fat loss, for detoxifying the body and for its recovery.

Cryotherapy,” or cold-water immersion, cold gel packs, cold showers and the cold water detox bath are prevalent among health seekers and athletes. Above all, it can practically benefit anyone else equally. If you like this article, I would like to suggest to look around for ice baths for sale from the best producer of athlete ice bath in Australia.

cold wate bath

Here is the list of pros, attributed to regular cold-water exposure. They include:

1. Triggers detoxification

2. Decreases excess white body fat

3. Reduces uric acid levels

4. Reduces Inflammation

5. Increases glutathione, the body’s most powerful antioxidant

6. Improves sleep quality

7. Improves immune system

8. Increases pain tolerance threshold etc.

Many people are not aware of the benefits of cold water bathing over hot water….Time To know

Now, I will tell you how does cold exposure contribute to fat loss, detox, and recovery:

ice bath recovery

1) Brown fat activation: BAT or brown fat activation, it is available in abundance in our body, since our childhood and decreases as we grow. It is primarily located around the upper back, throat, shoulders and the collarbone. Being a unique form of fat, it makes heat by using the standard white fat that remains inside the belly, hips, butt and leg areas.

2) Detoxification: If you click on this link, you will get to know that toxins are known to snuggle in the thick white fat cells. When you expose your skin to the cold water, you activate the brown fat and it melts the white fat and thus cleanses the body.

3) Drinking cold water helps in speeding up the metabolic rate since the body has to work to warm the water up. The other types of cold or ice therapies, such as cold gel packs are applied to the affected area, which further helps and supports your body’s fat-burning and detoxification ability. Believe it or not but, cold gel packs and cold baths have proven to be more effective than any other treatment.