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Benefits And Usage Of Powdered Collagen

Collagen is a protein found in skin and connective tissues of the body. Responsible for keeping skin smooth and bouncy, collagen sums up to 70% of the total protein found in skin and more than a quarter percent of total protein in the complete body.

Made up of proline, glycine and hydroxyproline and tons of few other amino acids, Collagen fits suitably to serve a various purpose and is very beneficial for human body. Intake of powdered collagen helps to fight skin aging by improving its elasticity, which normally at certain age gets turned to ‘wrinkle’. You also have an option of buying these proteins online at belivestore (Official Website: as per your choice at affordable rates.  


Harsh sun and natural aging of humans are responsible for collagen loss. Powdered collagen helps in producing and replenishing the needed proteins and improves dermis below the epidermis. No one likes dull and old looking skin.

Connective tissues also lose its magic over time leaving your joints vulnerable to pain and aches as you progress in age. That is where Powdered Collagen comes in play, providing sufficient amount of collagen protein to your joints tissue enhancing strength.

When you take collagen protein powder supplement, Glycine, an amino acid found in collagen protein, it improves your metabolism while the rest of amino acids begin aiding the body from inside. The digestion system also gets a boost providing better bowel movements.


Through various research and studies, it has been found that taking collagen supplement also improves hair and nail quality, balances sugar level, lets you have better and sound sleep and improves over all immunity.

Using powdered collagen is as easy as eating tortilla chips from a bag. The supplement can be teamed up with your coffee, just pour one tablespoon (5g) of the protein, stir well and you are all set to go.


It can also be put into shakes or any other sugary beverage (not carbonated) for better taste. The amount of consumption has been debated, however, 5 grams of protein twice a day should do the trick. For long lasting results, continue the dosage for as long as you necessary.