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Complications Occurred Due To Spinal Cord Injuries

Around one-quarter of the one million people are affected by spinal cord injuries as each year many fresh spinal injuries comes into picture either due to some vehicle’s accidents or by falling or due to some other reasons.

These spinal cord injuries raise major as well as long-term complications on the victim that it becomes difficult for the patient to do certain movements like walking, sitting and some other activities.

As spinal cord is considered as the crucial as well as major part of the body so if it gets injured then it would be a very serious problem for you that can’t be ignored.


Even you have to face severe pain due to this injury and you should consult a doctor as earlier as you can.

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Some Complications that occurred due to spinal cord injuries

  •    Loss of bladder control

When you are suffering from spinal cord injury then your body’s bladder control can be lost due to damage that occurs on the nerve which sends a signal from cord to bladder, now these nerves wouldn’t be capable of sending any signal as they would be found damaged.

Not only may this patients suffering from this kind of injury also face bladder infections kidney stones as well as kidney infections also.


  •    Problems in respiratory systems

If a level of spinal cord injury is severe then for patients it becomes quite difficult to breathe and also they can’t be able to cough properly.

If this injury gets more severe than patients undergoes mechanical ventilation.

  •    Problems in muscles

When spinal cord gets injured then muscles are also affected by it and victim’s muscles are not able to perform any movement in a proper manner.

Patients either have to face flaccid or spastic paralysis where spasticity includes no control on the muscle’s movements and while flaccid undergoes lack of muscle tone.