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Discussing Financial Strategies For Retirement

Ah, it is finally that time in your life when you have to call your work life quality. Because you are probably too old to even do anything anymore. But that is not to say that you are not relevant anymore. New are thankful for your service. Your life may our better in a way. One little cog in a piece of machinery that made this life work out. So thank you. Good luck on your financial strategies for retirement in Detriot MI.

When we get old and have to retire, do you know what we would do? We would save all the money we had and buy a boat so we could go to the Bermuda Triangle. Why? Because there must be something there that would give us a reason why people vanish when they go there.

And since we would be old enough and already connected with life, we would not mind vanishing there too. You could say that it is part of our bucket list to know what the heck is on over there. And yes, you are right. This is a stupid investment and a retirement idea, we know. What do you expect?

This was thought of by us when we were nothing but fifteen years old. It was at a time when young people would get curious about things. And no we are not talking about hormones and because we never really had any interest in that back then.

It was all stories, anime, books and basically, we were nerds through and through. But it helped us become way smarter than the average people here. Or maybe we were just born into a retarded family and an equally retarded neighborhood.

And while we may argue that we do not really have that kind of curiosity towards the Triangle anymore, we can not deny that the thought of sailing towards that police does not give us excitement. We know we cannot really just up and leave by the time we reach fifty.

Fifty because that was the age we actually thought was best to leave since we would still be young enough to move. We would have a family at that point in life who would not be happy with us suddenly leaving for a childhood dream. We get it and we understand. But just in case that something happens or something does NOT happen for us during our adults years?

Yeah, would sail out to the Triangle. We really hope that does not happen though. We kind of wants to marry and have kids and then celebrate our old age watching our little grandchildren running around and trying to squeeze money out of us. Because God knows we would be spoiling out there.

That is the kind of life we hope to live someday. Maybe marry Min Yoongi or Jacksepticeye or something. And can you imagine the kind of life you would have if you are married to one of them? Or both? Hey, we are not judging, there are open types of relationships out there now after all.