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Enjoy Wonderful Lifestyle on Your Boat

Italy´s beauty is legendary and one city is much more appealing than another. The nation has an exceptionally rich history and culture, stunning cuisine and also the all-famous way of life and cheque.

For your yacht charter guest, it provides vast and diverse sailing grounds in addition to pretty vents. This combined with the sights, magnificent nature and the Italian ‘dolce vita' makes for the ideal sailing vacation.

World-Famous Lifestyle on Your Boat Lease

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Why is yacht rental in Italy so common?

Italy and its islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea are situated directly in the middle of the Mediterranean. Boat rental in Italy is a fantastic chance to learn more about the wonderful Italian civilization along with the multitude of cities that are beautiful.

Which are the ideal charter places in Italy?

The most important charter areas for sailing from Italy are focused on the west shore of the mainland, i.e. Liguria, Tuscany, Elba, Bay of Naples, Capri, Sardinia, and Sicily. The Adriatic Coast on the east side isn't quite as appealing for sailing.

Possible charter foundations you will find Polignano a Mare close Bari, the region across the national park of Gargano and the Venetian Lagoon where you could cruise straight past the world famous Old Town and its magnificent buildings.

From the capital of Liguria, Genoa, you come across the Porto Antico comprising the biggest aquarium in Europe and several other sights. From that point, it is just a brief walk to the Old Town. After about 14 NM you get to the stunning harbor town Portofino in its secure bay.