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Growing Popularity Of Laser Technique For Eye Surgery

There are two types of surgery for the eyes to treat a different kind of eye problems. And it is suggested by only an ophthalmologist that which type of surgery is best depending on the condition of the patient. These are non-laser and laser eye surgery.

Today most of the doctors and even patients prefer eye laser surgery over non-laser surgery. Because it is much safer and practically painless and necessitates modest recuperation time for instance as little as one day.

Generally, eye surgery procedures are used to get rid of cataracts, transplant damaged or diseased corneas, and correct impaired vision. And for this, it is very much vital to get your surgery done only from an experienced and professional Ophthalmologist.

The most common condition for which eye laser surgery is used is the Cataract. The cataract condition occurs when the eye’s natural lens develops an opacification or a loss of transparency. Over time, this may cause visual impairment or loss of vision in the affected eye.

The surgical procedure using laser can be performed to reinstate the lens with a synthetic intraocular lens. In most cases, the precision and serration that the affected eye once had will be refurbished.

Because a local anesthetic is administered before the procedure commences, you can expect only minor irritation following the surgery. Vision correction using laser eye surgery is becoming more and more popular. Lasik eye surgery is performed for many years to correct impaired vision in patients.

You may check out this great post to read on the trends and growth in LASIK eye surgery global market. Both nearsightedness and farsightedness can be corrected using laser technology. Lasik allows an individual to obtain near perfect vision without the use of corrective lenses. Eye drops and follow-up examinations with your surgeon will be part of your post-operative care.