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Keeping Your Aging Parents Safe By Using Medical Alert Systems

Do your aging parents live alone? In the event that you do, then you have found yourself worrying about them. You would be concerned if they’re OK by themselves. You worry about what they’ll do if they have issues and can’t get to a phone.

For these and many other reasons, you might have considered one of the numerous home medical alert systems on the market as a way to keep your elderly loved ones safe.


Do your aging parents need a home medical alert system?

Part of the maturing process includes increased frailty, and increased chance of accidents. All it requires is one fall for an elderly person to end up with a months of hospitalizations, medical bills, rehabilitation, and more.

elderly-medical-alertIn addition, elderly people will have medical conditions that may needs immediate attention.

And there are, of course, a host of other issues that will come up as well, from a furnace going out in the middle of winter, to a tree falling due to a thunderstorm.

They could need help, rather than have the ability to reach a phone.  Whatever the reason, it is easy to see why your aging parents have to be in a position to get help quickly if needed; the kind of help that home medical alert systems can provide. Now you can search the Top Medical Alert Systems of 2017 through the web and select the one according to your needs.

Choose a home medical alert system that’s right for your senior

Trying to evaluate the hundreds of home medical alert systems can be overwhelming and confusing. Careful research of all the top features of the systems being considered can be an important first ring on the ladder in finding the right one for your aging parents. The simplest way to start out is by learning how these systems are designed to work.


You will find that most home medical alert systems fall into two different categories: the ones that include 24/7
monitoring services, and the ones offering equipment only, but no service.

Home medical alert systems with monitoring service

Home medical alert systems offering a monitoring service will usually include a service agreement between your customer and the monitoring company. These types of systems work like this: if the alert device is triggered, the monitoring system is notified, and they in turn, contact the chosen people and/or emergency personnel.

An important consideration when choosing something with monitoring is that they are typically more costly than products without. You will see a monthly fee charged because of this service that can be in the range of $30-40 per month, in addition to an installation or activation fee.

Home medical alert systems without monitoring service

Does your seniors loved one need a 24/7 monitoring service? For most seniors, the response to this is “no”, as well as for them, home medical alert systems that not require a monitoring service are perfectly fine.

This is certainly a more affordable option, as there is absolutely no monthly service fee, so for anyone who needs to think about cost, this will be an important consideration. After the basic equipment is bought, the only real cost would be replacing batteries as needed.