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Know more about knee injuries

Knee injuries are found very painful, they can happen anytime. Most of the knee injuries occur during sports or by some other physical activities.

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Knee injury

Types of knee injuries

There are two main types of knee injuries:

• Acute injuries
• Overuse injuries

1. Acute injuries

These are those injuries that occur suddenly. These injuries usually occur during fall or when knees are hit seriously. This commonly happens during sports.

Injuries like fractures, sprains, torn ligaments, ruptured tendons and cartilage come under acute injuries. These types of injuries persist for short period of time.

2. Overuse injuries

Overuse injuries occur over time. And it mostly becomes painful when the duration of the injury increases.
These injuries include knee bursitis, tendonitis, iliotibial band syndrome and muscle strains.

What are the treatments for knee injuries?

Acute knee injuries mostly cause instantaneous pain. if you feel severe pain then you should consult a doctor or you can call a medical helpline to gain faster treatment.

Knee injuries treatment

While waiting for medical assistance it is beneficial to apply an ice pack to the injured area for 15-20 minutes out of every hour in order to reduce swelling and pain in the knee.

In case of overuse injuries, if swelling or aching occurs in the knee then ‘RICE’ method can be used as a treatment. Here RICE stands for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.

It is necessary to give rest to your knees so as to avoid your injury from getting worse. You can also compress the knees with an elastic bandage to reduce swelling and to avoid severe pain.
In order to reduce inflammation, you can use a pillow to elevate the knee above the level of the heart.

If your pain gets worse then you should take help of a doctor as soon as possible.

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