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Know more about Orthopedic implants

Orthopedic implants are basically medical devices which are used for fixation of bones. There are certain bones and joints that are needed to be repaired due to injury or any disease.

With the help of orthopedic implants, damaged bones or joints are strengthened or fully replaced.

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Orthopedic imlants

With the help of surgical procedures, orthopedic implants are inserted into the body. Orthopedic surgeries are usually done by highly trained surgeons.

When a joint has been decayed at a certain point then the damaged joint is extracted and is replaced by the orthopedic implant.

What is the need of orthopedic implants?

With the help of cartilage, joints function properly. Diseases like osteoarthritis wore out the cartilage and cause friction between the bones within the joint. With this, a lot of pain and discomfort occurs when there is a movement of the joint.

Need of orthopedic implants

When other treatments fail to improve the severe painful conditions, then orthopedic implants are suggested by the doctors.

Types of Orthopedic implants

With the loss of cartilage the knee, hip, shoulder and elbow joints of the body are most affected. These implants are designed to not affect the movement associated with each kind of joint.

There are certain types of orthopedic instruments which are used to insert and to position the joints in place.

Some orthopedic instruments are

  •    Safety Locking plates
  •    Carnio Maxillo implants
  •    Cannulated screw
  •    Interlocking nails, wires
  •    External fixators

These instruments are used for orthopedic treatment.

Advantages of Orthopedic implants

  •    Orthopedic Implants are used to improve the mobility of the patient.
  •    Decrease the pain related to the joint movement.
  •    Quick and easily applied process

Disadvantages of Orthopedic implants

  •    Malfunctioning of the implants can occur
  •    There are chances of infections
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