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Pilates Exercises and Health Benefits

Pilates is developed in the 20th century by Joseph Pilates. Pilates is physical fitness system that is famous in the western countries. With the help of Pilates techniques, a person can increase his body strength, length and improve his coordination.

Developing a strong core is the main focus of Pilates, so you can improve your coordination and balance. Pilates builds strength and patience in legs, abdominal, hips and back.

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Health benefits of Pilates:

1. Pilates creates a strong core: Pilates improve your core stability by careful training and accurate control over the smaller muscles in the lower abdominal region and lower back region. This can reduce your lower back pain, give you better control over bladder and pelvic floor muscles.

2. Pilates improves relaxation: Pilates also induce a deeply relaxed state. There are only 5 to 6 people in Pilates class session.

3. Pilates improves your athletic performance: Physiotherapists at perfect balance clinic and Rehab expert’s use Pilates-based exercises to speed up patient recovery allowing for a quick return to athletic performance.

Pilates benefits

4. Better alignment with Pilates: People should try a short course of Pilates-based exercise to regain some control over their spinal muscles and for better alignment of their spines.

5. Better stamina levels with Pilates: Pilates exercise is responsible for better utilization of oxygen in tissues and improves your stamina level.

6. Improve breathing with Pilates: After doing Pilates sessions on a regular basis people gain better control of their breathing.

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Pilates mainly focus on above principles and this has been taken on board with the newer more advanced varieties of Pilates. In Pilates purest form Pilates was used to increase the strength of mind and body. Better results can be gained from the smaller class sizes. Smaller classes encourage more concentrated workout.

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