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Role Of Hormonal Treatment In Achieving Longevity

Longevity is the something every one of us wishes for. Immediately, next question comes to your mind is how long actually a human being can live? If you take the words of the Genesis 6:3, 120 years has been promised to every human being by the God.

On the other hand, if you consider the Asian Yogic Science, you can stretch your life up to 160 years. aren’t these numbers great? But in reality, the maximum average age of human being lies anywhere between 60 to 75.

If our body is structured to live for 120 years and we are living almost half of it, what humans are doing wrong?

There is the difference between your calendar age and biological age. If your body cells and organs are healthy, biologically your body is younger than your actual calendar age. Even your calendar age counts 50 years but your body cells and organs might be at 40 years.

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Similarly, if you are living a stressed life, your body functioning declines drastically and you get older early. To achieve health and longevity, you need to focus on healthy lifestyle, eating habits, meditation, exercise and hormone balance.

Along with adopting a healthy lifestyle, hormone replacement therapy is something that works best. Because hormones are the chemical messenger to the cells of the body and responsible for the health of the cells. With age, production of hormone declines that result in declining the growth of the cells.

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To balance the growth of the cell in the body, you can opt for the hormonal treatment after consulting your hormone doctor. When your body parts are healthier inside, your calendar age doesn’t matter anymore.  

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More importantly, hormonal therapy has shown satisfactory results in curing the aging problem. If you adopt a healthier lifestyle along with hormone replacement therapy, nothing can be better than this for your overall health.

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