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Safety Considerations While Using Tourniquet

Tourniquets, as we all know, are used to control the blood flow, usually in accidental cases or emergencies. But, if not used correctly, tourniquet can lead to serious and life-threatening injuries.

So in order to reduce the risk of tourniquet-related complications, the following points must be considered while using it:

Using a Tourniquet

Intraoperative monitoring

Intraoperative monitoring of tourniquet can reduce the danger of complications. During the whole process, it is very vital to monitor the tourniquet time, tourniquet pressure and blood pressure of the patient.

Observe the blood pressure of the patient to note any fluctuations and give this information to the surgeon so that he can help him better. Adjust the pressure of the tourniquet at the physician’s request.

Tourniquet inflation time has a straight relation with tourniquet-related complications. If tourniquet inflation time increases, it may increase the risk for injury.

How to use a Tourniquet

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You must always first read out the documentation provided with tourniquets before using them. Documentation contains the essential information for permanence of care, reconsidering review, and research.

Careful records must be taken, especially if a patient sustains an injury and a lawsuit has been filed. Keep a record of only noticeable facts, rather than any judgmental estimation.

What is a Tourniquet

Bilateral procedures

In bilateral procedures related to tourniquet control on two limbs special care must be taken, as the possibility of complications and the effects of tourniquet use can be greater than before.

Filling and exsanguinating the cuff on both limbs rapidly may increase the blood pressure of the patient. This is due to the sudden reduction in the volume of the effective circulation system. In many cases, the decrease in clotting time and more evident decrease in blood pressure were found after the deflation of second cuff.

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