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Safety Tips for Scaffold Workers

Working on a scaffold can be a dangerous job if it is not in accordance with the right safety standards. Workers must strictly comply with safety procedures so that they can complete work without an accident.

Trained staff

Train all your staff in understanding and handling scaffold designs and operations. Training must include how to safely and turn off the scaffold and also have to cover fall protection comprehensively. You can take scaffolding courses before start working in a construction site.


Make sure everything is in order when using the scaffold. The base must be flat, sound and adjusted. The scaffold locking device must be secure and the ground level must be stable. In addition, there should be no hazards such as barriers in surface changes, or overhead cables.

Legal and Authentic Entrepreneurs

Don't work with entrepreneurs who operate without a license because they are a significant barrier to scaffolding safety. They bought the material and collected it without being surveyed for security.

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Load capacity

Know the load capacity of your scaffold, and obey it. Don't try to put more workers on the scaffolding platform that can be accommodated. Also, don't overload your scaffolding with equipment and material. If your scaffold is not able to withstand the capacity that you place on it then it might collapse.


If the building is more than 10 feet above the ground, the scaffold design must consist of fences on at least three sides facing away from the building. You must have top, middle and bottom rails.

Manage space well

Because there is not much space on the scaffold, it is important that everything is stored regularly. The platform must be protected from all types of obstructions. All types of debris must be placed in one container or if not immediately removed from the platform.


Use appropriate protective equipment such as non-slip footwear protectors, fall protectors, head protectors, and other equipment.