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Surgical Sperm Retrieval – An Overview On Techniques

Infertility is a very sensitive topic for various couples. Seeing other couples having babies without any hassle and you’re trying so hard to conceive can be very disturbing and heart breaking.

In recent times, several surgical procedures have been introduced to retrieve sperm. Let’s have a look at surgical sperm collection (SSC) procedure in this post.

What is SSR or Surgical sperm retrieval?

SSR or surgical sperm retrieval has been developed to collect sperms from testis or epididymis. This treatment has helped million of couples to conceive genetic baby even when there is no ejaculation of sperm. In addition to this, its very simple.

Percutaneous Epdidymal Sperm Aspiration (PESA)

In this procedure sperm is collected from epididymis with the help of small needle (no cuts are involved). After sample collection, it is examined under microscope to check the presence of sperm. If PESA is not successful, then TESA procedure is performed.


Testicular Sperm Aspiration (TESA)

In TESA procedure, sperm is collected from the testis via small needle and suction is applied through syringe.

The person might feel discomfort and bruise for few days after the procedure. To cumbersome such effects, painkillers like Paracetamol or codeine tablets are given to the patient. After the procedure, doctors recommend a firm scrotal support (which is tight underwear) for few days to prevent swelling and bleeding.

There are end numbers of men who are not aware of this technique. But there is no need to feel low or shy, since this medical issue is curable and now we have SSR, the successful solution for male-factor infertility.