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Phobias- The Silent Attacker

A phobia isn’t an illness but an irrational fear of a specific scenario, object or action. Sufferers recognize their fear is out of proportion to any actual risk and are unable to control it or even describe it. The precise cause of the majority of phobias is unknown, but it is normally accepted that phobias originate from a combination of internal and external factors. But when faced with the phobic position; the body goes into an almost involuntary reaction and oftentimes leads to a form of panic attack. When this is experienced by a person, they’ll extricate themselves from the specific situation, which consequently, further embeds the anxiety into the brain. If you are looking forĀ evidence based Phobia treatment and counselling then you should consult with a psychologist. Phobias will often start to change self-confidence and self esteem. Sufferers believe they are not comprehended, that others believe they are ignorant….